Backup graphs

DIVA 2.16.0 is now available, including cloud backup and restore of Avid project files.

We have partnered with Backblaze, utitlising their B2 platform to securely and safely backup your Avid bins in the cloud.

For NZ$20.00 + gst per month (for up to 1TB cloud storage) you can automatically upload the changed bins every 15 minutes, hour, or day - or run a backup of a specific project on demand if you’re about to make major changes.

Of course what good is a backup if you can’t get your files back? Our restore tools will let you restore a single bin, or even an entire drive of projects, from any point in time.

By default, every bin you create is kept forever, and you can define how many versions to keep. There’s even pretty graphs to show how your backups are running.

See the complete backup and restore documentation, and reach out to [email protected] to get started today!