Augusto are one of New Zealand’s most up and coming digital agencies. While offering a wide range of creative services, they excel in creating great video content. Word is spreading fast, and Augusto contacted Group 6 Technologies to help them build a facility to keep up with their growing needs.

A new office for Augusto was secured at the hip new Auckland location “Cityworks Depot”, for which Group 6 then completed an extensive network infrastructure upgrade. It was also decided Augustos editing facilities would be upgrade to Avid MediaComposer, for which the DIVA Distributed Media Management System was a perfect fit for their video and graphics needs. An Oracle robotic tape library has also been installed to ensure all current content is backed up, and long term archives are accessible and reliable.

With a number of high-profile New Zealand clients such as Adidas, Rhys Darby, and Hyundai, Augusto can now continue to deliver great campaigns without having to worry about the infrastructure driving their creativity.