DIVA v4.6.0

The dashboard has been updated with the latest version of the Bootstrap interface. It should work better for on modern browsers, but won’t work as well in Internet Explorer.

Drive’s can now have a preferred letter set, where you can request that specific drive mounts as a specific drive letter on Windows, if that letter is available.


  • Client:
    • indicate drive letter if any selected (Win)
    • use drive preferred letter if available (Win)
  • Data: add drive preferred letter property
  • Fusion:
    • upgrade style to Bootstrap v5
    • set preferred drive letter
    • provide preferred drive letter over client api
    • sort drives by date created
    • display when a drive was created and last modified
  • Infrastructure: improve user management performance

Bug Fixes

  • Backup: increase request retries and add jitter
  • Client:
    • correctly show drive space used on first load
    • return null if drive cannot be found rather than reject promise
  • FileSystem:
    • retry removing file read only attributes
    • attempt pinvoke file delete if handle invalid
    • copy directories over 248 characters long
  • Fusion:
    • job status icons not updating
    • about hover spacing
    • secondary button styles
    • prevent editing of preferred drive letter when mounted
    • hide create drive prompt while drive list loading
    • drive graph colours for used space
    • dashboard backup information layout
    • tell former Node to forget drive when moving
    • log entity validation error when property name is null
  • Node:
    • restore complete project fails because projectId is less than 1
    • retry getting drive list and null check result
    • lock drive collection when refreshing all
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