DIVA v4.5.5


  • Backup: store object name with snapshot
  • Client: redact logs
  • Fusion:
    • populate backup snapshot object names
    • soft delete users

Bug Fixes

  • Angular: log rxjs TimeoutError as warning
  • Client:
    • favourite drive count when array not defined
    • SignalR user mapping after connection
    • do not try and update drive if reauthorisation pending
    • handle null term when searching drives
    • improve loading of last used drive data
  • Fusion:
    • try parse refresh token
    • check if DIVA type drive before sending SignalR drive updates to nodes
    • delete drive roles when bulk deleting users
    • null check user when retrieving messages=
    • only notify node of changed drive permissions when DIVA type drive
    • only notify node of new drive when DIVA type drive
    • correctly save drive role when access changed
    • only notify node of user drive change if DIVA type drive
  • Logic: null check user before setting property
  • Node:
    • handle exception invoking SignalR check in
    • handle SignalR connection has not been established during check in
  • Server: handle Fusion update decryption exception
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