DIVA v4.4.1

A couple of tweaks for this hot Monday.

There was a scenario where you could edit permissions on an existing drive but no job was created to make the actual change.

And there was also a problem where the records of projects could be deleted if the user who initially created the project was deleted. This only affects older project drives, and appears to have only affected one site. It did not affect any actual project files.


  • API: add IsDivaDrive property to Drive model

Bug Fixes

  • Client: hide usage graph for non-diva drives
  • Data:
    • user/project delete cascade
    • remove required property from Computer.OperatingSystem
  • FileSystem: exception enumerating sub directories during recursive delete
  • Fusion:
    • drive permissions change not creating job
    • lock connection mapping in node hub
    • log DbEntityValidationException during api call
  • Logic: don’t process drive role if no change
  • Node: handle SignalR established connection aborted in host
  • Server: handle client SignalR bad request on connection
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