DIVA v3.0.5

We’ve changed the timing of a number of automated tasks behind the scenes so they’re not all running at once, and each will then run faster.

Yes, we kinda skipped v3.0.4. It is out there, but v3.0.3 had a small installation bug, so it wasn’t worth documenting the change.


  • Fusion: format job parameters

Bug Fixes

  • Backup:
    • handle null reference exception during B2 authorisation
    • handle no active upload response
    • retry request to remove B2 version
    • null check checksum before checking checksum
  • Client:
    • handle internal server error response
    • null check cached drives when filtering (Mac)
  • FileSystem:
    • handle i/o device error while enumerating paths
    • handle junction not existing when deleting
  • Fusion: improve null check of object type for dashboard backup status
  • Logic: insert new file version when consolidating backups
  • Node:
    • don’t prevent system shutdown
    • null check checksum when calculating files to backup
    • ensure backup client is authorised before restoring files
  • Server: don’t prevent system shutdown
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