DIVA v3.0.1

No new features right now, following the big 3.0 release, but a few fixes.

Fixed a good one on Windows where if you had mapped a network drive outside of DIVA, but it hadn’t mounted yet, the drive letter would kinda be in use, kinda not, and DIVA Client would throw an error if tried to use that drive letter.

Bug Fixes

  • Backup:
    • handle B2 internal incident while uploading
    • use retry policy for auth during retries
    • get result of async reauth rather than wait
    • retry B2 requests on 5XX status
    • handle AggregateException during B2 authorization
    • retry upload on all 401 responses
  • Client:
    • trim hostname when constructing api url
    • trim hostname when saving (Mac)
    • null check network registry key when checking remembered network drives
    • handle main window null when terminating app (Mac)
    • exclude remembered network drives from available drive letters (Win)
  • Fusion:
    • null check drive usage data
  • Node:
    • pass error collector to B2Target.FileUpload
    • handle socket target refusal during B2 upload
    • handle socket connection failure during B2 upload
    • handle user not existing while setting drive access
    • handle drive not found while checking into server
    • use result and not wait when authorizing B2
    • account for background transcoded MXF directories while enumerating host usage
    • handle MXF directories without separated hostnames
    • report all B2 socket and web exceptions as B2 offline
    • handle B2 authorization exceptions
    • handle process cannot access file during backup
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