DIVA v2.16.9

Today’s scheduled monthly release mostly improves B2 backup stability, and fixes some odd edge cases.


  • Backup: retry B2 upload 5 times

Bug Fixes

  • Backup:
    • retry B2 unauthorized response on file upload
    • ensure B2 is authorized before doing anything else
    • retry if SSL error making B2 request
    • retry if socket exception on B2 request
    • retry upload if secure channel cannot be created
    • should reauthorize if authorization exception
    • report B2 offline if multiple connection closed errors
    • report B2 offline if multiple task cancelled exceptions
    • report B2 offline if multiple errors getting upload url
    • handle access denied getting SHA1 of large file
    • handle large file being deleted while being uploaded
  • FileSystem: retry opening file stream if in use by another process
  • Node:
    • report B2 offline if repeated socket exception
    • fix API timeout error handling
    • handle target directory missing when creating sierra mount points
    • null check update service during main window load
    • null check update service during update install
    • report B2 offline if transport connection repeatedly closed
    • retry finish large file request
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