DIVA v2.16.7

A late Monday release to address some edge case issues a few customers have noticed. We’ve also introduced the ability to run specific backup maintenance tasks on demand.


  • Fusion:
    • enable bundle optimisation
    • prevent non-project drives being created on volumes flagged for projects
  • Incidents: record AggregateException via ErrorCollector
  • Installer: abort on database update failure
  • Server:
    • –debug flag
    • synchronise database with B2 on demand
    • recalculate backup statistics on demand
    • consolidate backup versions on demand
    • run all backup cleanup tasks on demand
    • clean up backup database records on demand
    • delete old backup files on demand
    • prune backup versions on demand

Bug Fixes

  • Backup:
    • handle transport connection closed during upload
    • check for nested B2Exception when deleting version
  • DB: DriveRole unique constraint
  • Logic: serialize model instead of entity when reporting backup delete exception
  • Node:
    • handle process cannot access file when deleting drive
    • don’t report duplicate volumes
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