DIVA v2.15.0

We’re happy to (finally) announce macOS 10.12 Sierra support! Along the journey we’ve also improved the performance and reliability of mounting drives on the Mac.

2.15 also brings an improved project archiving system, ensuring we grab all files within a project (not just bins), and more ways to generate a zip archive.

We’ve got a full write up on the new release, with training videos, and links to updated help documentation.


  • create macOS Sierra mount points for existing drives
  • support for sql server 2016 (08c77d77)
  • Client:
    • use sierra mount point for basic drives (Mac)
    • use faster method to unmount drives (Mac)
    • use applescript to manage all drives (Mac)
    • support for macOS Sierra (Mac)
    • allow user to change mount method while connected (Mac)
    • legacy drive mount option (Mac)
  • FileSystem:
    • set attributes via FileSystemTools
    • abstract moving directories
  • Fusion:
    • select a user to move all media too when changing users drive permissions
    • leave all media in place option when changing users media drive access
    • archive (and delete) projects to a zip file
  • Node:
    • create sierra links for basic drives
    • rename sierra links when renaming basic drive
    • create sierra mount point when creating basic drive
    • use FileSystemTools to set shared.diva attributes
    • update sierra link after media drive rename
    • create sierra links for new roles
    • improve error reporting for job aggregate exceptions
  • NodeAPI: path helper for sierra link
  • Projects: create links for project archives on all drives

Bug Fixes

  • Client:
    • fix DAVE12 mount command (Mac)
    • sierra project drive remote mount URI (Mac)
    • use new mount point for sierra project drives (Mac)
    • update selected drive when filtering (Mac)
  • Data: add project archive job description
  • FileSystem:
    • ignore junctions when removing read-only attributes
    • fix the last fix for explicit permissions
    • ignore junctions when remove explicit permissions
    • handle file being deleted while setting rule protection
    • set attributes to normal when deleting junction
  • Fusion: handle multiple changes of user to move media to
  • Node:
    • handle deleting non-junction when moving media
    • prevent recursive health check of basic drives
    • allow CreateSierraLinks job to run on basic drives
    • remove sierra links when removing role
    • make seirra links read-only only
    • change sierra mount point to avoid project name conflicts
    • force mxf junctions to be created
    • use deletejunction rather than delete
    • delete junctions before adding roles back
    • check mxf directory exists before deleting junctions
    • force media drive sierra link to be created
    • allow mxf folders with numbers greater than int32.maxlength
    • projects not relinked after drive rename
    • ensure old mxf links are deleted during health check
    • mxf folders not re-linked after drive rename
  • Server: delay updates by 15 seconds
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