Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Custom software for life saving helicopter service.


  • Media Ingest and Management Application

Great Southern Television and Oxygen Post contacted Group 6 about improving their workflows for the hit series, Rescue One. Great Southern purchased a set of minicams and footage storage facility for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

Both helicopters were fitted with four minicams to film every mission. The volume of footage returned to base soon proved to be a logistical headache for the crews. Group 6 developer custom software and developed a storage solution for ARHT courtesy of Great Southern.

ARHT now has a centralised library to manage footage which can search, sort and export footage. This has become an invaluable tool for the ARHT crews, and through the Rescue 1 programme, has given the public an insight into the important work done by rescue helicopter services.

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